This two-day course is different from some of our other courses which focus specifically on trading. Here we focus on developing your understanding of wealth management, longer-term equity investing, valuation of companies, fund management styles and tax planning.

Delegates will be introduced to the benefits of long-term investing, and various techniques for investing across a wide variety of assets. Whether you’re looking for investment opportunities, need assistance with estate planning, advice on valuing a firm or simply want to learn some expert saving techniques for retirement planning, London Academy of Trading will ensure your money is secure.

Our tutors have years of experience and can give you the latest advice to make your money work harder for you. At different times of your life, you need to make your money work in a variety of ways, so this course helps you understand how to achieve your specific financial goals.

Whatever your investment goals, LAT can help get you there.

Entry requirements

Appreciate the objectives and benefits of long-term investing
Understand different methods for valuing companies
Comprehend different investment techniques and portfolio construction
Understand the concepts of wealth management and need for advice
Recognise how portfolio selection can be adapted for different life situations
Understand how tax planning plays a vital role in maximizing investment returns
The course is delivered by experienced professionals who will teach delegates to understand the key concepts of wealth management, as well as the practical applications of these concepts. Lectures will also involve case studies and examples to illustrate the techniques taught.

Course Outline

Equity Investing

  • Benefits of longer term investing
  • Objectives, risk tolerance and timeframe
  • Research
  • Market cycles, fiscal and monetary policy
  • Earnings announcements
  • Shareholder composition
  • Other Considerations

Valuing a Company

  • Primary factors influencing valuation
  • Capital structure
  • Diluted equity value
  • Enterprise value
  • DCF model, discount rate
  • Ratios – P/E and PEG ratios, sales multiples, EPS, dividend yield and cover, NAV
  • Book value
  • Illiquidity discount


Fund Management

  • Investment theories - Passive vs active management
  • Different asset classes and geographic markets
  • Investment styles - Top down, Bottom-up, Thematic and Contrarian
  • Growth vs value and growth vs income portfolios
  • Defensive to adventurous portfolios
  • Portfolio construction, efficient frontier
  • Diversification, correlation
  • Liquidity and risk management
  • Hedging – indices, options, ETFs, pairs trading
  • Counterparty exposure
  • Appraising Performance


Wealth Management

  • Roadmap for the future and the need for advice
  • Attitude to risk and capacity for loss
  • Portfolio selection
  • Retirement planning
  • Protection
  • Estate planning – intergenerational wealth
  • Long term care
  • Trusts


Tax-efficient Investments

  • ISAs
  • Unit trusts and investment trusts
  • Investment bonds
  • EIS and VCT
  • Business Relief Solutions
  • Fund Administration Bond
  • Pensions
  • Offshore assets
    • Excluded Property Trust
    • Business Investment Relief
    • International Trustee Bond
    • International Loan Plan
    • Offshore Investment Bond
  • Allowances, reliefs and exemptions


Akif Din

It has been the best investment I have made. The course content and how it was taught was brilliant-some of the best teaching…

Akif Din
Trader, Acenya Traders

Thierry Kalonji

Now I am trading on my own and starting to invest wisely

Thierry Kalonji
Group Internal Auditor at HeidelbergCement

Gregi Rossignolo

This course looked to be the best option to me both because it's supervised by one of the top business school...

Gregi Rossignolo
Fixed Income & Derivatives, Natixis Bank

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