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  • Members of the emergency services, NHS or social sector
  • Job Seekers
  • Individuals with Refugee Status
  • Blue Light Card Holders
  • Past and present members of the Military Services

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- Complete Our Advanced Trading Course
- Prepare & Pass The Audition
- Be Paid Out 75% Of Your Trading Profits
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Our accredited Advanced Trading Course has been designed to enable you to become an expert in trading in just 12 weeks. Whether you want to trade commodities, crypto, equities or forex, we'll explain how these assets are correlated and we’ll provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive on financial markets. 

LAT is proud to offer a range of online study options (see below), as well as on-campus and blended learning (combining both online and on-campus study). When spending time on LAT’s City trading floor you’ll have dedicated access to a dual-screen trading desk and face-to-face access to our mentors for 10 hours every day, meanwhile on our online courses you'll enjoy interactive live sessions with our expert tutor support just a click of a button away!

Flexibility: We aim to be as flexible as possible to enable you to fit your course around other commitments, so you can pause and restart your chosen course at any time and we offer interest-free payments to help spread the cost.

• Flexible timetables and monthly intakes to fit around your current commitments

• Option to study online, on campus or via a blended combination to allow you to study your way 

• Real-time trading platform to practise new trading skills in live markets

• Expert mentors available 10 hours a day to provide immediate help and advice

• Three daily, interactive webinars to show you how to apply your new skills

• Stop and restart your course at any time to get the maximum benefit from your course

• Flexible payments with 0% interest to help spread the cost

• Easy upgrades to enable you to dip your toe in a short course and upgrade if need be

Online Packages



  • Accredited Qualification
  • Pre-recorded Video Lectures
  • Interactive Daily Webinars
  • Copies of Lecture Slides
  • Reference Manuals
  • Online Assistance 10 hrs/day
  • Real-time Trading Platform

Premium Plus



  • Accredited Qualification
  • Pre-recorded Video Lectures
  • Interactive Daily Webinars
  • Copies of Lecture Slides
  • Reference Manuals
  • Online Assistance 10 hrs/day
  • Real-time Trading Platform
  • +Live Interactive Classes
  • +Live Trade Plan Development
  • +Live Trading Review
  • +LAT Tutors' Trade Sheets samples
  • +Repeated Live Interactive Sessions

Premium Plus package add-on: Live Lecture Recordings - £499

The Advanced Trading Course is our premier accredited course, which, upon successful completion of the relevant assignments, you will receive a Level 5 Diploma in Applied Financial Trading. The course has been designed to provide candidates with a comprehensive understanding of how different trading techniques are used in real life situations by financial market professionals, through theoretical modules and practical sessions on our city trading floors. The course requires little or no previous knowledge of trading, although candidates with some experience should find this course particularly beneficial.

The course is comprised of academic and practical elements, beginning with an introduction to financial markets and an outline of the basics of trading. Fundamental news and political events are the cause of most significant market moves, so macroeconomic events and their impact upon financial markets, are discussed on an unfolding and real-time basis. Technical analysis is also a major driver of financial markets, so the course provides detailed explanations of technical analysis tools and explains how these trading techniques can be combined to build robust and reliable trading strategies. There is also strong emphasis given to trading psychology and risk management and how the natural human emotions of hope, fear, greed and over-confidence can adversely affect your trading decisions.
To provide the knowledge and skills to thrive in financial markets
To provide a comprehensive understanding of how fundamental and technical analysis are used in real life situations by financial market professionals
To teach students how to apply this academic knowledge to manage risk and build reliable strategies for trading real-time financial markets
To introduce students to market-leading software, data and applications from our technology partners
To demonstrate the importance of trading psychology and strong mental control when trading
To educate students to the standard required to pass the Level 5 Diploma in Applied Financial Trading

Where to start?

  • Understanding of the FX market
    • Currency comparisons
  • Fundamental, Political and Macroeconomic Analysis
    • How and why this affects the markets
    • Checking daily macro news

Building a Trading Strategy

  • Fundamental or Technical approach?
  • Identifying a trade from conception to execution
    • Timeframe analysis
  • Risk management and lot sizing

Analysing Price Action

  • Identifying major market levels – support, resistance, trends and channels
    • Strength of major market levels
    • Potential market moves when approaching these levels
  • Setting price targets and stop losses
    • Are our price targets realistic?
    • Reasons for stop levels – ensuring trades have enough time to develop

Analytical Tools

  • Using Japanese candlestick analysis to identify shifts in sentiment
  • Identifying price patterns and using them to identify possible market levels
  • Introduction to Moving Averages and MACD
    • Identify underlying trends
    • Generating trading signals
  • Bollinger Bands
  • Volume and On-Balance Volume analysis
  • Oscillators and Momentum Indicators
    • Construction and interpretation of RSI and stochastics

Understanding your emotions

  • Trading psychology - understanding our natural human biases
  • Managing emotions when holding winning or losing positions

Trading Strategy Development

  • Structured S-T-E-M approach
    • Straddle trade
    • Pivot point trading
    • Holy Grail trade


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