Got a base knowledge of trading and want to refine your skills? Whether you're looking to develop your trading performance by gaining a strong control of your trading psychology, looking to begin investing in equities or derivatives or looking at ways to achieve your financial goals and manage your wealth, LAT has a course for you.

You’ll be learning alongside experienced mentors to enhance your learning experience, providing you with the expert knowledge you need to become a trading specialist. 

Our courses are delivered through a combination of live, interactive and pre-recorded online classes. You'll have access to real-time trading platforms to practice what is taught, and we offer the option to pause and restart your course at any time.

Duration: 2 weeks

Intakes: 29 July

Cryptocurrency Course



Duration: 2 Weeks

Intakes: 3 September

Options Trading Course



Duration: 2 Weeks

Intakes: 4 July

Wealth Management



Duration: 5 Weeks

Intakes: 30 March

Trading Psychology Workshop



Duration: 2 Weeks

Intakes: 12 September

Equity Investing



Duration: 3 weeks

Intakes: 5 August

Trading using Volume and Order Flow Analysis



Duration: 2-hours plus optional gallery visit

Intakes: 12 June

Investing in Fine Art



Duration: Flexible

Intakes: Continuous

Bespoke One-On-One Mentoring



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