Fine art investments are an effective and rewarding way to store capital and can provide generous returns. However, the world of galleries, art fairs and auctions can be confusing and off-putting, sometimes deliberately so. This course seeks to demystify the art world by laying out the general principles on which the market is based, explaining how its main players operate and clarifying the fees involved.

This course introduces the world of artists and the galleries that represent them, exploring the different methods of seeking out new talent and how to acquire the best works. It will then provide a breakdown of how the market works for reselling, the best strategies to get the best price and how to seek out a bargain. More importantly it will demonstrate how to appraise a work and how to approach every transaction so that you can avoid costly mistakes.

The course is delivered by an experienced fine art advisor who will teach the key concepts of the fine art market and how to avoid the pitfalls of investing in this specialist area.

The course is made up of a 2-hour online session, explaining the ins and outs of the fine art market which is priced at £179. There is also an optional gallery visit, during which you can join our expert to walk around and get a taste for gallery events in the city which is priced at £229.

Appreciate what constitutes Fine Art and the size of the industry
Understand the difference between the Primary and Secondary Markets
Recognise the many varied avenues through which to acquire artworks
Identify the key players in the market
Know how to get the best deal from galleries and auction houses
Understand the causes of artist value change
Ask the correct questions when buying an artwork
Be aware of potential taxes and fees involved in transactions
Be introduced to London dealers (if attending the optional gallery visit)

Why invest in Art

  • Financial Benefits
  • Social Benefits

Primary Market

    • Buying from the artist’s studio
    • Buying from galleries
      • How galleries work
      • Hierarchy of galleries
      • Access to galleries

How to discover new artists

      • Art Fairs
      • The role of the media
      • Online platforms

Secondary Market

      • Auctions
      • Scondary market galleries
      • Private dealers

Assessing Artworks

      • Authenticity
      • Condition
      • Value

New Trends

      • NFTs
      • Fractional Ownership

Taxes and fees (UK focus)


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2-hours plus optional gallery visit


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2-hours plus optional gallery visit