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Throughout this workshop, you will develop your knowledge of trading psychology as well as techniques for careful decision-making. The trading psychology workshop will help you to assess your trader personality and give you the opportunity to get ahead of the game by learning common trading mistakes. You will:

  • Improve your trading performance and risk management
  • Learn how to model top attributes of successful traders
  • Study behavioural patterns and pain points in your trading
  • Optimize your decision making process
  • Learn how to deal with stress reactions using key mental strategies
  • Gain an edge through scenario planning
  • Work on live trading psychology challenges
Study online over the course of 5 weeks with weekly live interactive group online sessions.

The trading psychology workshop is led by Ron William, a professional with over 20-years of financial market experience. Through his expertise, you will realise your true potential as a trader with an opportunity to even be coached by Ron on completion of the course.

Enhance your understanding of trading psychology and enrol today.
Improve trading skills, through greater self-awareness & discipline
Enhance performance, using behavioural risk management & scenario planning
Build stronger resilience & Stress Response Management (SRM)
Learn key mental strategies, mindfulness techniques & coherence training
Develop a successful trader & wealth management mindset
Establish goal-setting performance measures

Session 1: Nature or Nurture? Are Successful Traders “born” or can they be trained?

  • Learn about top attributes of successful traders & leveraging your nature-nurture signature
  • Become aware of our survival state reactions and how your biology is not your destiny
  • How the environmental influence of life influences perceptions of trading, risk & money?
  • Introduction: 3 step peak performance roadmap of awareness, change & transformation

Session 2: How Trading Psychology Awareness can Improve your Performance?

  • 80/20 rule of strategy and psychology
  • Why it is important to access your supercomputer mind?
  • Trader Personality and Risk Assessment Development
  • The power of brain change, neuroplasticity and how we can train our muscle memory

Session 3: Mistake culture, and why rising market volatility will pressure our mindset?

  • The power of now. Learn how to fail forward by learning from past mistakes
  • Review common mistakes in our Psychology, Strategy & Risk/Money Management
  • 3 Key Steps to Overcoming your Trading Mistakes 

Session 4: Strategy and trade assessment

  • Interactive review your top strategies or trade related questions
  • Mistake Analysis Assessment 
  • Behavioural Portfolio Analysis & Scenario Planning 
  • Applied market trading setups, using the lessons experienced on Day 1
  • Market & Life Wizards: Key lessons from the world’s top professionals
  • What is your trading edge?

Session 5: Resilience & Stress Response Management (SRM)

  • Performance Lifestyle Assessment
  • Mental Strategies
  • Mindfulness techniques for optimising your decision making, clarity & SRM
  • Coherence Training, including biofeedback
  • Goal-mapping, based on a unique neuro-association technique, to achieving your targets
  • 10-day challenge, an opportunity to decide, commit and transform to the next level

Unique 1-2-1 coaching support (add-on), 3-6 months

  • Ongoing & personalized coaching support from Ron William, using latest training techniques
  • Progress updates, based on trading psychology patterns, coherence measures & peak performance
  • Review of live market setups, challenges & solutions


Akif Din

It has been the best investment I have made. The course content and how it was taught was brilliant-some of the best teaching…

Akif Din
Trader, Acenya Traders

Juerg Furter

Perfect to me, but would have preferred to trade with the options and forwards

Juerg Furter
Head of Brokerage Hypoguide

Harry Ellis

I chose LAT as it had the best recommendations on the internet, well that got me...

Harry Ellis
Trader Private Equity & Investment Fund

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