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Throughout this workshop, you will develop your knowledge of trading psychology as well as techniques for careful decision-making. The trading psychology workshop will help you to assess your trader personality and give you the opportunity to get ahead of the game by learning common trading mistakes. You will:

  • Improve your trading performance and risk management
  • Learn how to model top attributes of successful traders
  • Study behavioural patterns and pain points in your trading
  • Optimize your decision making process
  • Learn how to deal with stress reactions using key mental strategies
  • Gain an edge through scenario planning
  • Work on live trading psychology challenges
Study online over the course of 5 weeks with weekly live interactive group online sessions.

The trading psychology workshop is led by Ron William, a professional with over 20-years of financial market experience. Through his expertise, you will realise your true potential as a trader with an opportunity to even be coached by Ron on completion of the course.

Enhance your understanding of trading psychology and enrol today.

Improve trading skills, through greater self-awareness & discipline
Enhance performance, using behavioural risk management & scenario planning
Build stronger resilience & Stress Response Management (SRM)
Learn key mental strategies, mindfulness techniques & coherence training
Develop a successful trader & wealth management mindset
Establish goal-setting performance measures

Session 1: Nature or Nurture? Are Successful Traders “born” or can they be trained?

  • Learn about top attributes of successful traders & leveraging your nature-nurture signature
  • Become aware of our survival state reactions and how your biology is not your destiny
  • How the environmental influence of life influences perceptions of trading, risk & money?
  • Introduction: 3 step peak performance roadmap of awareness, change & transformation

Session 2: How Trading Psychology Awareness can Improve your Performance?

  • 80/20 rule of strategy and psychology
  • Why it is important to access your supercomputer mind?
  • Trader Personality and Risk Assessment Development
  • The power of brain change, neuroplasticity and how we can train our muscle memory

Session 3: Mistake culture, and why rising market volatility will pressure our mindset?

  • The power of now. Learn how to fail forward by learning from past mistakes
  • Review common mistakes in our Psychology, Strategy & Risk/Money Management
  • 3 Key Steps to Overcoming your Trading Mistakes 

Session 4: Strategy and trade assessment

  • Interactive review your top strategies or trade related questions
  • Mistake Analysis Assessment 
  • Behavioural Portfolio Analysis & Scenario Planning 
  • Applied market trading setups, using the lessons experienced on Day 1
  • Market & Life Wizards: Key lessons from the world’s top professionals
  • What is your trading edge?

Session 5: Resilience & Stress Response Management (SRM)

  • Performance Lifestyle Assessment
  • Mental Strategies
  • Mindfulness techniques for optimising your decision making, clarity & SRM
  • Coherence Training, including biofeedback
  • Goal-mapping, based on a unique neuro-association technique, to achieving your targets
  • 10-day challenge, an opportunity to decide, commit and transform to the next level

Unique 1-2-1 coaching support (add-on), 3-6 months

  • Ongoing & personalized coaching support from Ron William, using latest training techniques
  • Progress updates, based on trading psychology patterns, coherence measures & peak performance
  • Review of live market setups, challenges & solutions


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