Making Trading Accessible for All
We are thrilled to be able to offer a 30% Scholarship towards any of our courses to the following individuals:

  • Members of the emergency services, NHS or social sector
  • Job Seekers
  • Individuals with Refugee Status
  • Blue Light Card Holders
  • Past and present members of the Military Services

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This one-week trading course is great for those who have an interest in trading and want to take the first step in the financial markets.

Introduction to Financial Markets and Trading is a trading course targeting beginners. Learners will receive an introduction to the world of trading, and have the option to study online via live interactive sessions, or in person on our trading floor in central London.

We start with a beginners guide to financial markets and work from the bottom up. The programme then moves on to look at a day in the life of a trader, before giving you a good overview of fundamental and technical analysis and evaluation of macro-economic data releases. We look into the topic of trading psychology and examine the effects this can have on trading performance.

With a focus on currencies, commodities and major indices during the programme, you will be encouraged to trade real-time markets on a demo trading platform. You will be fully supported by our team throughout the day, helping you through the trading experience. Our expert lecturers will be the ones to guide you through this learning experience; the LAT faculty have vast experience in the trading sector and will pass their knowledge and skills on to you, preparing you physically and mentally for a future involving the financial markets.

All of our mentors are experienced traders and their knowledge will be vital in helping you to develop and enhance your understanding of the trading industry.


Understand the structure and function of financial markets
Comprehend how traders and investors analyse and trade in real-time markets
Appreciate fundamental and technical analysis of different financial assets
Understand how to interpret charts, as well as financial and political news
Understand how to manage risk and control emotions when trading

Introduction to Financial Markets

  • What are financial markets, who trades them and why
  • Market jargon and the roles of retail banks, investment banks, central banks and brokers

Financial Market Economics

  • Macroeconomic data - Interest rates, inflation, economic cycles, etc.
  • Central Bank influence - Monetary policy
  • Government influence - Fiscal policy

Fundamental and Technical Analysis

  • How to analyse financial markets from a fundamental perspective
  • Technical analysis – how to analyse charts and price action
    • Support, resistance and price trends
    • Pattern recognition
    • Japanese candlestick analysis
    • Moving averages and momentum indicators

Trading Psychology and Risk Management

  • Understanding natural human biases and how to avoid emotional pitfalls when trading
  • How to manage risk, per trade and within a portfolio

Mentored Trading

  • Virtual practical trading sessions to apply learned knowledge


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