The LAT Campus Has Reopened

Our campus has now reopened with a maximum of 16 learners and 2 mentors on our trading floor at any time. Students also have the option to continue learning online as we’ve had great feedback regarding our remote tuition and it’s proving to be hugely popular.

For those returning, stringent safety measures will be in place to ensure social distancing and hygiene practices - which we have outlined below. These rules must be followed by all on-campus including visitors.

  • Upon daily entry, you must complete a QR code health questionnaire on your phone. The QR code will be displayed on the glass panel at the entrance for you to scan.
  • Sign-in at reception and have your temperature checked and recorded daily.
  • Antibacterial hand gel stations will be placed throughout the building, and you must make use of them upon entering/exiting the campus and throughout the day.
  • Social distancing markers will be placed on the floor and reminders to maintain a safe distance will be posted around campus.
  • Students must sit in a diagonal format to maintain social distancing and signs will inform you of where to sit.
  • Where social distancing will be breached for a reasonable period, masks should be worn. 
  • Lecturers will wear visors if they are unable to maintain a safe distance with students at any point.  
  • Cleaning stations with antibacterial wipes will be available in various locations. You are required to make use of these for desk and PC cleaning – before and after daily use.
LAT looks forward to welcoming students on campus, with our COVID-19 safety measures in place to ensure that you feel comfortable returning.