LAT Introduces Scholarship for Women

Jul 24, 2019 Written By LAT Staff

Trading is a great career choice for women. For many businesses, results are not immediately obvious, but in trading wins and losses immediately indicate performance. What matters, above all else, is results. Gender is irrelevant.

Despite this, the trading industry is extremely male-dominated, with only 15% of available roles being filled by women. This is why large companies such as Barclays, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs are looking to employ more female traders, meaning there are now more opportunities in trading and finance than ever before.

In addition, the London Academy of Trading (LAT) is taking its own steps to encourage more women to take up careers in the industry by offering a new Women in Trading Scholarship. This will enable women who qualify to receive up to 30% off their chosen course fees. LAT’s scholarship aims to improve awareness of trading roles among female candidates and will help support them in establishing their careers.

Besides the scholarship, there are many reasons why candidates choose to study with LAT, such as flexible intake dates and flexible study programmes, including the option to combine online study with days on the LAT trading floor in London. LAT programmes are also accredited by various institutions such as ABE and CPD and additionally, are taught by highly experienced traders from major financial institutions such as Bloomberg and HSBC.

LAT Introduces Scholarship for Women

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