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Futures market prices, like all markets, are influenced by supply and demand, measured by the volume of buyers and sellers among traders and investors. This course provides techniques to identify this money flow to increase the chances of trading success.

The big market players like investment banks, pension funds, investment funds and hedge funds have a critical influence on price movements and market trends, but it is possible for canny day-traders to use this information to identify the most likely future direction of the market. By analysing futures market volume and order flow, it is possible to see which way the big players are moving, and individual traders can use this information to follow them and maximise profits.

This course introduces a series of volume and order flow strategies for futures traders, applying proven, simple, replicable systems with carefully managed risk to achieve consistent trading success and profitability.

The course is delivered by an experienced futures trading professional who will teach the key concepts of volume and order flow analysis, as well as the practical applications of these concepts. Lectures will involve extensive examples to illustrate how to use these techniques in real-time markets to enable you to implement them immediately into your trading.

The course comprises six interactive online sessions of 90 minutes over a period of three weeks. It includes access to futures demo trading platform to enable you to practise the techniques, as well as a dedicated one-to-one online discussion with the tutor after the course to discuss and refine your chosen strategies.

The course provides the skills and knowledge for individual traders to progress their trading career, either with their own funds or with a professional proprietary trading house. The course is also suitable individuals trading CFDs on a retail trading platform, providing they have access to the relevant futures pricing and volume data.

Understand how to analyse futures market volume and order flow
Recognise how to combine volume and order flow data with technical analysis
Create strategies for low-risk intraday trading
Understand the market drivers at work during different trading sessions
Trade different sessions with different volatility
Execute the strategies explained during the course
Manage trade risk within tight parameters
Maintain open positions as long as possible to maximise profits
Maintain discipline to pass a proprietary trading house challenge
Introduction to Futures Trading and Volume Analysis
  • The purpose of the course
  • Why use volume and order flow analysis
  • What volume trading means
  • Fundamental volumes rules
  • Indices and futures
  • 3 sessions - different mood & volatility
Dynamic Volume and Related Trading Strategies
  • Dynamic Volume
  • Divergence P/V and Retracement (TS)
  • Using ATR as a stop loss
  • VWAP & Deviation standard concept
  • Trading on VWAP deviation standard (TS)
  • Understanding Delta Volume
  • Position keeping with the Delta Volume Development Analysis (TS)
  • Tick Charts vs Volume Charts
  • Easy price action
  • Cumulative Delta
  • Trading off a tick chart (TS)
  • Trading book and orders type
  • Time and sales
Static Volumes and Related Trading Strategies (TS)
  • Static volumes
  • Volume Profiles (VP)
  • Point-of-Control (POC) introduction
  • VP shapes and recovery areas
  • Poor volume area recovery (TS)
  • Big orders on the trading book
  • Scalping on the excess of volatility (TS)
  • POC and Value Area
  • Value area breakout or swing trading (TS)
  • Candlestick/Bars chart & volume profile merged
Practical Sessions
  • Demo trading – 14-day trial Trading Challenge
    • Set up the trading platform for the challenge
    • Establish the Trading Challenge rules
    • Understand the Risk Management Limits for the contest
  • How to convert trades on Futures to CFDs
  • Risk management techniques for trading a funded account
One to One meeting
  • Individual strategy discussion
  • Personal Q&A session


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