Build your financial knowledge and trading skills with our Trading Foundation Programme (TFP). During Phase 1 of the programme, you’ll learn how financial markets work and how to use fundamental and technical analysis to build a successful trading plan with controlled risk.

The programme is delivered completely online, with daily interactive webinars, so you’ll have 24/7 access to our learning resources as well as direct access to our experts to answer your questions. We also explain how emotions and psychology affect your trading performance and how to manage this behaviour to minimise risk and maximise profits.

Our programmes are designed to enable you to study around your existing commitments, so you can pause and resume your TFP course at any time. In summary, we’re here to help you achieve your financial and trading goals.

Duration: 6 Weeks

Intakes: Every 2nd Monday

Phase 1


3645 AUD

Student Testimonials

The LAT were the first UK academy to offer accredited, regulated qualifications and their courses have been delivered to a global audience for more than 14 years. They are widely recognised in the UK and internationally and are the benchmark courses in financial markets and trading skills. The LAT diploma (12-week course) is accredited by a global accreditor and regulated by Ofqual, the UK government regulator.
There are no comparable courses here. LAT courses have specifically been designed to teach people about financial markets and provide the knowledge and practical skills to enable individuals to trade across a range of different asset classes, from FX and stocks to commodities and crypto. Trading is a global industry and the disciplines required are uniform worldwide.

From your organisation website, click the link to the LAT Shop and fill out the enrolment form.

Yes, you enrol and pay online. Once you’ve enrolled, we’ll be in touch with you to confirm your program details with your Enrolment Letter and Welcome Email.

You can pay online via credit card at the LAT shop.
There are no academic prerequisites for this program since teaching starts from the basics and works up from there.
Yes, there is a minimum age requirement of 16 years.
The Foundation Program starts every two weeks (every 2nd Monday), so there will only ever be a few days to wait before you start your course.
We will send you an Enrolment Letter confirming receipt of your fees and details of your program and your commencement date. We will also send you a Welcome Email, providing you with your login details for the learning platform and explaining exactly what to expect during your course. We will also provide contact details for our academic team and our administration team in case you have any questions at any time.

Yes, we have local support as well as support for academic or administrative questions.

Local support: Mark Skinner (Skins): +61 (0) 498 020 519

Academic questions once on your course:

Administrative support at any time:

You’ll have 24/7 access to the pre-recorded lecture videos, reference manuals and other learning materials, and there will be live interactive online sessions five evenings a week. These will take place between 4.30pm and 10.00pm Australian Eastern Standard Time with the normal time differences for the different Australian states, New Zealand and South Pacific. You can also contact LAT experts directly via online chat or email.
This is one of the major benefits of LAT programs since all courses are designed to provide maximum flexibility for all participants. Ideally, you will complete your course within the assigned timescale, but we appreciate that you have other commitments which can be distracting, so you can pause your course at any time for any reason, and then pick up where you left off at any time in the future. All we ask is that you keep us informed if you want to pause and let us know when you want to resume. Also, since all course materials are available to you 24/7 online, you can study whenever it suits you best.
It varies with each individual and depends on the other demands on your time, but it is possible to work through the course in less than 4 hours a week. The time required is made up of learning (via pre-recorded lecture videos and reading supporting documents), interactive online webinars (for live Q&A and to see how the LAT professionals trade the markets), direct contact with LAT experts and then there’s time spent practising your trading on a real-time demo trading platform. Some students spend many hours each week practising their trading, so time spent on the course can vary significantly. There’s no obligation to spend many hours trading, but the more experience you get, the better.
No, while it’s a 6-week program and we recommend you complete it in the allotted timeframe, you can pause and pick up as many times as you wish, so there’s no set time limit to complete your program. The aim is to enable you to learn as efficiently as possible around your other commitments.
No, there are no exams for our Foundation Program, nor for any of our Specialist Courses, but you’ll still receive a Certificate of Competency for each course you complete without the need to sit any exams. However, if you want to achieve our Level 5 Diploma in Applied Financial Trading qualification (exclusive to our 12-week Advanced Trading Program, and equivalent to an associate degree), you would need to take and pass three coursework assignments to gain this qualification.
Yes, you’ll receive a Certificate of Competency when you complete each of our programs, and an accredited, regulated Diploma in Applied Financial Trading if you choose to complete the coursework assessments in the 12-week Advanced Trading Program.

Yes, LAT has already negotiated a discount for members of your Players Association.

Yes, you can choose to withdraw from the Foundation Program within the first two weeks of your course and receive a full refund less 20% for handling administration. However, once you have been on the program for 14 days, there will be no refunds available.
Yes, LAT has a full-time trading floor in Central London where some students choose to study. There is a daily fee for trading floor access, which includes access to a dual-screen trading desk, face-to-face lectures, and 10 hours a day of face-to-face mentoring from LAT’s professional traders.
Yes, we can provide one-on-one support, although most students use our daily webinars to ask specific questions. Our one-on-one support program needs to be booked online and has a small fee which the online booking reflects.
Yes, we can provide one-on-one support, although most students use our daily webinars to ask specific questions. Our one-on-one support program needs to be booked online and has a small fee which the online booking reflects.

All our tutors are fully qualified (having achieved distinction in the Level 5 Diploma in Applied Financial Trading) and are professional traders in their own right, each with several years of live trading experience. You receive first-hand advice and guidance from professionals who trade the markets on a daily basis and have helped thousands of individuals establish robust and structured trading plans to build successful trading track records.

Or contact a programme advisor by calling
+44 (0)20 3435 4629