LAT Partners with ShareVision

Jan 21, 2022 Written By LAT Staff

London Academy of Trading and ShareVision Collaborate to Help People Get Started in Retail Trading as Part of a Planned Long-Term Partnership

The first element of a planned long-term partnership between the award-winning London Academy of Trading (LAT), the UK's first accredited trading academy and ShareVision, the dynamic streaming platform for traders, economists and global finance will kick off with the launch of an exclusive video collaboration.

“Getting Started in Retail Trading” will consist of five, 10 to 15 minute episodes, designed by LAT, which will run every Wednesday, starting on 26, January and going through to 23, February.

Posted on ShareVision’s platform,, the first episode looks at understanding the macroeconomic calendar followed by “fundamental analysis and central banks,” “different markets to trade,” “how to analyse charts,” and finishing with “how your psychology affects your trading performance.”

“We believe that this initial collaboration with ShareVision, and others going forward, will be highly successful and credible and we are looking forward to working closely with them,” says Paddy Osborn, Academic Dean and MD of LAT. “We are a dual-accredited provider of financial education and pride ourselves on being the most trusted trading skills educators. I truly believe that our expertise will dovetail perfectly with ShareVision’s.”

LAT provides the inspiration for students to be achievers, and to be able to apply learned knowledge in a real-world environment, understanding the fundamental and practical aspects of trading.

“We are delighted to be partnering with London Academy of Trading,” says Amit Jay Shah, CEO of ShareVision. “LAT is well known in the industry for the quality of its work, content and courses. Partnering with them maintains our ethos at ShareVision of supporting the most credible content creators. LAT is a long term growth partner and I’m looking forward to seeing our partnership flourish over the coming months and years ahead.”

To watch “Getting Started in Retail Trading” go to, sign up for free and follow LAT's channel, or go to LAT's own social media channels.

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