LAT to Host Student Trading Event and Competition

Sep 4, 2020 Written By LAT Staff
The London Academy of Trading (LAT) has partnered with Exeter University’s Student Invest Fund (ExSIF) to host real-time ‘Trading Simulation’ sessions during the university’s Freshers’ week, including a trading competition, with the most profitable trader winning a free Introductory Trading Course at LAT.

The LAT tutors will be hosting two live online trading sessions for students. The first session, on Wednesday 16th September, will introduce the concepts of trading and explain how macroeconomic data affects financial markets, as well as announcing the start of the competition. The next session, on Friday 18th September, will enable students to discuss their experiences, and the competition winner will be announced.

ExSIF is an investment society that manages real money and helps students learn about related career opportunities. Through their Financial Analysis and Python Course, members can develop their understanding of financial modelling and programming, invest through trading simulations and partake in competitions. To help members do this successfully, there are bi-weekly stock pitches and a weekly market debrief from the chief information officer of the fund. The society also provides opportunities for students to network with guest speakers, sponsors, alumni and current members to gain exposure to the investment management industry.

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